Ferrami Marmi

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Founded in February 1996 by Roberto and Giancarlo Ferrari, Ferrari Marmi was born with 25 years of experience in the stone industry arising from the work of mining and processing industry by founding partner Giancarlo. In later years, Ferrari Marmi has substantially modernized with the purchase of new computerized machines and the entry in the company of Simone Ferrari capable of using new techniques to CNC process. Technological innovation, essential in modern production processes, has not ever had to leave Ferrari Marmi profound respect for the best craft traditions: witness the collaboration of Michele Micheli master in manual processing of stone and is capable of giving artistic stamp to his work. With headquarters in Via Pio La Torre, in the industrial area of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Ferrari Marmi is today an artisan company efficient and punctual. Characterized by constant attention to quality and a deep respect for the needs of the customer. Ferrari Marmi is famous for the production of monuments and loculi. We also specialize in the designing and production of kitchen and bathroom tops, wall and floor tiles and fireplaces. We would like to conclude by reminding you the main features of Ferrari Marmi: a passion for craftsmanship, technological innovation, expertise in design, knowledge of materials, care of finishing touches, punctual delivery.

Simplicity of trust

Trust is the feeling that, more than any other, facilitates the relationships between people. On the other hand, the trust is not a free gift, but you get with a correct behaviour and fair. In our daily activities are two reasons that compel us to seek a fair and proper behaviour: the first is an ethical motive, is the voice of conscience that is imposed, the second utilitarian reason is the belief that without a correct behaviour is obtained confidence, and without trust it would be very difficult to work. In this context in relationships with clients, we always try to respect the agreements made in terms of product quality with regard to delivery times, we always try to do a quote and we take care of detection measures in place. Also try to provide our customer's experience by providing the highest possible amount of information on various types of stone and illustrating the different characteristics of resistance techniques, different aesthetic qualities and differences in costs for both materials for machining operations. Finally, when asked, we try to give advice on the correct implementation of a work by expressing our views and answering questions that the customer places us. Not only in relations with the client that we try to have a correct and fair behaviour, but also with our partners and particularly with the internal collaborators. The external (suppliers, professionals, drivers) we guarantee reliability and punctuality of payment in exchange trust and availability; internal employees strive to offer a peaceful and devoid of family conflict and unnecessary tension. All persons who work or have worked in our company have been properly framed in a ratio of employees under the protection of the law, and labor organizations, all have been guaranteed timeliness of compensation and the opportunity to attend professional training courses important to gain work experience and essential in preventing accidents at work. For our safety and all individuals involved in the undertaking we have produced in collaboration with Tecno Ambiente srl document assessing the risks to safety and health of workers and are working to implement the necessary updates. Finally, we have tried to create a work environment in compliance with safety and environmental protection, and promotes a culture of safety, prudence and respect for the environment.