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Among the different types of stones used by our company can be distinguished Diorite, the stone of Cardoso and the stone Serena of Firenzuola.

Diorite was already used in sculpture from the ancient Egyptians for its hardness and wear resistance of the elements. Today, the diorite is widely used in the art funeral modern and constructing new buildings where it is optimal for the realization of all those architectural elements located outside such thresholds for doors, window sills, stairs, wall covers, subjected to strong temperature variations and harsh climatic conditions. Diorite also takes the uniform gray color, ideal for simple and discreet style of housing characteristics of our region and insuperable value for money that make it one of the most widely used stones.

The Stone of Cardoso in the last 50 years has seen a boom in usage from local stone in the homes of some countries in Versilia has become one of the most sought after stones from large international architects. Coming from the Apuan Alps is characterized by its bluish gray color and its shades of white that remind us of the proximity to the mining areas of the white marble of Carrara. The Stone of Cardoso, for good resistance to adverse weather conditions is traditionally used outside, this stone is also now welcomes the creation of items to furniture inside the home (against thresholds, bathroom tops, flooring).

La pietra serena di The stone Serena of Firenzuola is the stone by definition. Classic sandstone with a homogeneous grey colour comes from the Apennine between Tuscany and Emilia and is the stone with which it is built in Florence. Because of its softness is ideal for a variety of manual work (lining, edging, chipping, scratches) that allow to create archit ectural details (thresholds for doors, window sills, exterior flooring, fireplaces, staircases) in harmony with the classical building tradition of Tuscany . The stone is very popular in the renovation of old houses and appear especially where other ancient and noble building materials such as brick or wood.