Ferrami Marmi

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The white marble of Carrara is the best known of the marble used in our workshop. Background light, has black and gray streaks that differ according to the quarries of provenance that are located all over the Apuan Alps. This marble, precious and loved by sculptors for its 'grain' fine, is used either in building or in furniture, in the 'statue' or 'white' version. This type of marble is widely used also in the funeral art, especially for niches or statues.

In addition to the White Carrara our company uses the classic Calacatta, from the basin apuano of Arnetola places in the town of Vagli Sotto and the Arabesque from Stazzema and Vagli. Types Calacatta and Arabesques are very valuable for furniture and flooring: presenting a clear background milk veins with gold and green.

At our company, in addition to the most popular local marbles are marbles from Turkey, Portugal, India and many other parts of the world. For brevity we only remember the Green Guatemala, Salome', the Pink Portugal and Red Verona, mostly used for bathrooms and furniture.

If the stones come together to form the outer structure of a building, marbles, with their elegant and noble aspect, are the protagonists of the interior spaces that bring light and natural harmony.