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Faith granite: this expression in everyday language defines a strong faith and susceptible. One of the characteristics of natural granite from all over the world is the strong resistance and inalterability. In our work these features of granite are much appreciated in the funeral art (the monuments are made to stay outdoors long time), both in the creation of the work in the kitchens, where the possibility of scratches and wear is always present with everyday use.

At our company you can find the strength of granite under a wide range of materials that meet the aesthetic choice of color without sacrificing any practicality.

To begin with those from Sardinia remember the Pink beta , the Sardinian Ghiandone and White sardinian, featuring the classic conformation granular and affordable.

Similar to the Sardinian granite but a bright pink color is Pink Porrino from Spain.

From India come from both the Juparanà Vyarı that has a yellow and brown color with black stripes on both the Shivakashi, characterized by a yellow and orange stripes with red-violet. From Africa come the two types of black granite most commonly used Black Africa is a patchwork of black and gray and Black Zimbabwe, characterized by a uniform black. From Brazil comes the Green Maritaca,natural conglomerate that has a moss green background with roundish stones embedded brown or pinkish e l'Azul Bahia with its striking blue.

To conclude this brief presentation of some of the natural granite that you can find in our company we remember the Rosa Imperiale that has pink / red color with black or white stripes, Labrador TFM of a blue pearl with black parts, the Olive green(from Africa) with a stylish green bottle color with a lot of black.